Ongelooflike veearts en ń groep wat die ekstra myl sal loop vir ons hondekinders.

Dankie vir alles!

Minette Botha
Dis die wonderlikste diere kliniek wat ek nog belewe het. Nie alleen is almal vriendelik nie maar wel passievol in wat hul doen. Soveel liefde vir diere. Ons as ons diere se ouers is so vriendelik behandel. Met liefde en empatie.
Ek wil persoonlik dankie se vir die diens wat ons gehad het die week. My ouers se woefkind is met soveel deernis en liefde behandel en ons weet toe sy haar asempie uit blaas was sy nie alleen maar tussen liefde volle mense. Ons Mila Lyfie het die beste gehad. En daar is vir haar lewe geveg tot die oggend ure.
Mag jul ryklik geseen word in alles wat jul doen vir diere. Jul harte is op die regte plek vir ons skepper se diertjies.
Nogmaals dankie dankie!!!!
Erika En Willem Louw

Best customer service for the way Dr treated my dog child and she had empath in my situation which you don’t get anywhere Thx Dr and staff.


Dr Cindy and her team know 100% more than any of their clients and their patients can’t talk. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it’s not very helpful at the time. A vet, in my opinion, is more qualified than a GP and I know the best will always be done for any of my pets and their well being ❤️

Sandra Low

Dankie Dr Cindy al my diere kinders kry net die beste behandeling van dat ons instap, self’s as hulle aan die slaap gemaak moet word is dit met deernis, dankie aan die res an die person eel ook julle is n puik span💐💐💐

Lorraine Venter

Welgelegen Dierekliniek, your veterinary nurses are particularly great with the pets brought in! 2 of my cats were given names by one of your nurses because I had run out of names! Peanut and Bokkie!

Patti McCarogher

Thank you from the Bush family and our fur babies Belle and Sasha, and our departed loved fur babies Bambi and Danco. The girls actually cannot wait to get into the clinic, I have never seen it before❤️❤️❤️

Almarie Bush

There really are just no words to express my extreme fondness and gratitude regarding Dr Cindy. My goodness, the way Dr Cindy has assisted and guided me and persevered with my dog Bambi. He is such a different character and i have left other vets because of their harsh ways that didn’t sit well with me. Cindy and her team have been absolutely phenomenal their have been times i thought who is this doggy i inherited and why does he only show a loving nature at home. But Cindy has bared with me and fought her best for Bambi’s best health and bless her he is in his best health. Lady a much more loving and easy going madam has also been through much and every inch of the way Dr Cindy and the whole team greet and treat her as one of their own. This is truly a Dr who has assisted when doors were closing. There is no question in my mind Dr Cindy is genuine and gives her all at all times. Again what is ‘thank you’ when you feel far more deeply for this precious lady who cares for yours giving her all. All i can say is Bless you Dr Cindy and bless this precious team.

Diana Faith Swart

Professional and very helpful. Kind assistance and very affordable rates.

Johan G

I just want to thank the best vet in the East, Dr Cindy for your professionalism, love and compassion for Buddy and our family in his last days, Christian for your love, chats and support, Johannes for spoiling our boy and Amanda for your great reception and great service. This is the vet for our animals, no doubt. Absolutely the best.

Joanne Y